How paid marketing is good for your business and its Advantages

06 December 2017

We heard about paid marketing but we don’t know how to use and how to do paid marketing. So I hope you will read my article carefully and peacefully. 

In this digital era we have many businesses, But with many competitors. and they provide same product & services in cheap price, but they don’t have quality. We provide good and quilted products but we don’t know How to increase our sales and grow our business? We have website but we don’t know how present in market. Our product and its quality good but don’t have sell, because we don’t know how to attract customers. How use online marketing. How run paid campaigns, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and social media marketing. 

Many tricks and techniques for launch your product and services available in market. It’s Lot of techniques for marketing like SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Affiliate and Associate Programs, Email Marketing and etc.

What is Paid marketing and how its work?

Paid marketing is an expensive and scalable form of Website marketing. Your ads with search actively seeking what you provide. Search engine provide many types of ads. 

1.Simple search Ads

To give you the dictionary definition, Google AdWords is an online advertising service developed by Google to help marketers reach their customers instantly.Simple search Ads

2. Personal ads 

When a user searches for something on Google, the list of ads that appear above the organic listing are called search ads.

Personal ads

3. Display Ads

You see ads in a lot of different places on the page, and in different dimensions.

Display Ads

4. Product ads

If you are a retailer, this campaign type would make more sense for you.

Product ads

How search engine Provide Ads:

PPC:-(Pay per Click)In Pay per Click programs you get paid for all valid clicks that you generate regardless of leads/sales.

CPC:-CPC (Cost per Click) is the most you'll typically be charged for a click, but you'll often be charged less sometimes much less. That final amount you're charged for a click is called your actual CPC.

CPM:-CPM (Cost-per-thousand impressions) bidding means that you pay based on the number of impressions (times your ads are shown) that you receive on the Google Display Network. 

Google AdWords takes many steps through search platforms, the most popular payments used by search marketers, followed by Bing Advertising, which has a significant share of advertising on Yahoo.

Advantages of Paid Marketing

Paid search advertising is an effective online channel that leads to fast results and good ROI because of its wealth of features and easy to launch model.

Target Audience 

You run campaign and target people location wise. Your ads Show only related and interested peoples. your campaign manager is able to research the terms used to find your products or services and bid on those keywords. I recommend starting out with 10-20 keywords so you’re able to see how each performs before making any changes.

Speedy Result

You run campaign and if you give attractive deals, sale and offers so user attract on your website. You will get instant result.

Direct Optimize

You run campaign so you don’t optimize your website in search engine. You pay for get your add top on result page. SEO Technique is long time process; you will get instant result so use Paid Marketing.

Paid Search advertising is good for every business that offers goods or services to people. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you definitely should and watch your business grow.

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December 5, 2017, 12:48 am

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November 28, 2017, 4:03 pm

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