What is Volusion? - Features & advantages of using Volusion

16 April 2018

Volusion has been around since 1999 and represents one of the major eCommerce shopping carts. It serves over 40,000 stores and provides an all-in-one platform that is designed to accommodate any size business. The program has stayed on top by continuing to adapt to market changes and provide practical solutions to the challenges associated with running an online business.

Efficient Store Management

There are three main sections where you can enter product information: default, image management and advanced information. These categories will help you get organized, manage photo galleries, and publish related product information. Some of the areas were Volusion experts will be most useful to you are brand management, customer experience management, sales and revenue growth, driving traffic to your website, improving your position on Google rankings, and much more.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Volumes also offer build-in marketing kits that help companies grow their customer base. Using it, you will have access to an array of extended SEO features that keep your store straight in Google's search loop and manage all social media accounts with the comfort of a single dashboard. Enjoy built-in SEO tools that allow you to optimize pages. Create search engine friendly URLs, include multiple snippets and meta tags. You can also sign up for a Volusion custom SEO package. They offer different packages that will improve your search engine performance

Great Usablity

This is another area where Volusion falls short. Most programs strive to be as user-friendly as possible. The more people that can use their software, the more customers they can acquire. Volusion has not gone out of its way to create a product that is accessible to novices and experts alike.

High Security

Volusion gives you more control over your security and checkout while making it easy to implement and giving support to ensure your security is always set correctly. There are plenty of ways to outsource the security to PayPal, or any number of providers but to accept and process cards on your site with your merchant account – you have to have a secure setup.


Volusion allows you to drop ship merchandise and track packages. You can even generate and print labels with the push of a button. Unlimited product photos is as well essential feature as it gives possibility to display products at every angle and in every color which in its turn makes up overall impression from the product.

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